Nvidia’s Kepler Architecture May Land in Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks



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Since a pair of 580M boards performs worse than a single 560TI, I'm not terribly stoked about the possibility of a 620M sucking the life out of my notebook's battery. Show me some cool external boards using Thunderbolt, TV in/out, or even using some sort of (local) protocol like OnLive instead, please.


The Corrupted One

I had this idea with a APU based laptop that would connect and sync with a small midtower box, which would pipe in liquid cooling, more (customizable) storage, and a beefy CPU and GPU.

Doing what you say would be a step in the right direction, I want to be able to plug a 7990 into the thunderbolt port on an ultrabook and play Metro on max.

Nvidia GPU's don't like TF2, so I'm not interested.

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