Nvidia’s Jen-Hsun Huang Talks About Windows ARM, Tegra, and the Cost of R&D at AsiaD



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Holly Golightly

Ooooo, I do not think Apple will ever outsource their own A# chips in favor of an nvidia chip. I am not sure... But it seems very unlikely, but none the less, this would be a cool thing. I would love it if AMD made a mobile graphic processor for tablets too. Maybe they will bring in those APUs onto the upcoming Windows 8 tablets. I mean, they just have to. I am so excited to see quadcore processors on the mobile platform. They are really going somewhere with this. Who knows just how soon nvidia will make 8 core processors. The moment that happens, Intel will be sweating bricks. It seems desktop CPUs are not moving as fast as the mobile processors in terms of breaking technology. For now desktops have cutting edge tech, but for how long? This is why I wonder if mobile will make non-mobile obsolete? I mean, if so, this will be a sad time because I build my own gaming rigs, and to see this become history will really make me feel old. But the future is being truly mobile... That I know.



I always like to read your comments HollyG. Don't always agree 100% but your comments always seem to be well thought out and easy to read.

P.S. as far as the overall market goes this old adage seems appropriate, "let the chips fall where they may"

regards, L;)


Holly Golightly

Awe... You got me smiling here. Thank you so very much! :) 

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