NSA Recruiters Drooling In Anticipation Of DEFCON



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To (eerrr) Nimrod,

I strongly agree with your conclusion, philosophy, and such - and would actually welcome if you expanded upon it, but...

Strange as it may sound (and almost wishing that is was NOT true), that... Under wireless devices one actually does not need a warrant. Items such as the patriot act have expanded upon how easy it is for the government to do (but ironically the nsa is not supposed to normally do it), but it's also been this way with items such as cordless phones since they were invented.

Perhaps the book titled 1984 was ahead of it's time. BTW you'll never guess the number (in tens of thousands) of people that work for various government agencies that actually do work like this??

And to conclude for now; Nimrod's philosophy is correct - america has almost turned into a version of the former Soviet Union and how they used to treat their own citizens. Oops guess what, a knock at the door - perhaps "they" are here to Rendition me.

WiFi; helping out americas spy agencies since it was invented




Under the Patriot Act your correct, they can do this. I maintain that under the Constitution the Patriot Act is null. There has been no such amendment to the Constitution as the Patriot Act and therefore does not apply. Of course there are only about 4 people on congress who feel the same way.

I also dont like the fact that people who mention the Constitution are considered possible terorists according to the gov.



Yeah they need more people to spy on the American public without warrants. 

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