NPD: Non-Traditional Games Spending Tops Retail in Third Quarter of 2011



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I tell you one thing. Steam's blowout holiday deals just upped my games with them by about 50 or 60! $2.49 for a two year old A game? Yes please, make that two.



I wonder if they've considered that maybe consumers have hit the saturation point with consoles.  Whoever wanted an XBox/Wii/PS3 now has one along with all the peripherals that go with them.  If they want to ramp up sales, they need to come out with the next generation boxes.


Holly Golightly

To be honest with you, I do not think they are willing to bring forth the next generation of consoles just yet because of the Kinect and Move. Of course, we have the upcoming Nintendo Wii-U.

Still the sales number is impressive within itself. I have spend like crazy on PC gaming sales. PC games have been dropping as high as 90% off. I have purchased popular games from $2 to $10. It is insane really.

Ugh, the next generation of consoles will still hold us back. They will come with dated hardware, and limited performance. At this point, I am "meh" about them. None the less, I am glad to see PC gaming growing in popularity.

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