NPD: Connected Devices Have Yet to Catch On



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I myself download daily, games @steam, ebooks, video's , music, i test a lot of stuff I find using torrents, I upgrade my drivers for all my gear, firmware updates etcetera.In my social circle however it is not widespread. Most people have heard of the possibility's but usually don't use it, which surprises me, I live on a Caribbean Island where everything is hard to find and in short supply so to me downloading is a natural solution. What I see here is that all online equipment gets its main use for chatting and social sites.I now some people with kick-ass computers that they use exclusively for facebook!!! Since 5 weeks I also own a kindle and thus an extra reason to download.



I guess this doesn't really surprise me. My friends and I all use connected devices and download content to them, but we go to a very tech focused school and all really like advanced tech. Even the people I work with programming don't use connected devices very much and its a very technology focused company. My family only downloads stuff because I showed them how to do it. 

Does anyone else see the different societal classes forming around the different levels of tech usage in individuals daily lives? There's already a huge separation between first world and third world countries with regards to tech permeation. Will the increasing rate of technological advances outpace the rate that tech spreads throughout society?

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