NPD: Android Surging, BlackBerry Falling Fast



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As long time BB user (10+ years) I can tell only one certain thing about RIM - every next BB is worse than previous. At first it's looks good - shiny new thingy... But after a week of living with that - why this damn thing is so slow and buggy?! Is it because of multi-tasking? And don't let me start ranting about it's browser. It's year 2010, not 1997! RIM - straiten up you OS up or die. And PlayBook will not save you - don't count on it. It may become become your gravestone though.



My new for two with Verizon just came up and being well aware of the iPhone coming to Verizon, I spent a lot of time deliberating between an iPhone and a Droid.  It boiled down to a couple of things:

1) A year ago, the iPhone was the de-facto multimedia phone standard... if you didn't have one you envied those who did, but that era is clearly over.  Today every competitor does everything the iPhone does and often times does it better.

2) Freedom.... Do I want to lock myself into the Apple culture of the crappy iTunes, etc?  Not really, but I'm not partial one way or the other.  Do I want Flash and AIR?  Yes, actually I do.

Will the iPhone on Verizon increase iPhone sales?  Absolutely.  But the option is too little too late.  There are too many other better options available.  We're going to continue to see a surge in Droid and Win phones.  Sadly, I think these stats show the future of both Rim and the iPhone.  And it's the iPhone culture that has driven the surge in other Apple product sales, which means unless Apple has another hot gadget up their sleeve, Apple has some rough times ahead.  Apple's exclusivity with AT&T has finally bit them in the butt.  Is anyone really surprised Apple has put their foot in their own mouth [yet again]?

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