Now an Extra 1.5" of Screen Space Can be Yours for Just $30



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I have had for a long time a car DVD player with a 7 inch detachable screen. It has a s-video/composite input, and I have it mounted on top of my 22 inch monitor. It displays my widgets like a clock, pandora, media player, and whatever little dinky things I feel like sticking on there. It's great plus it was like $50 (that's for the whole DVD player, not just the screen)!


nsk chaos

depending on what i can do with it, probably not much, i would sell it back on ebay.......but for $30 it is quite enticing



I could see this being really useful for displaying statistics about your computer when playing games like the G15 does.  Would love to see if there was an API of some sort out their for this thing.

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