Now Available: Motherboards Equipped with USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gbps



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I got 2 PCI Cards, a X-Fi Elite Pro card with it's breakout box and a Firewire 800 card that will soon be replaced bc of eSata.  I saw the X-Fi fatality PCIe card with the optical in/out, that's what I use my breakout box for mostly, so I might be getting rid of my PCI cards soon enough but for now, leave them be.  PATA ports need to go and so do the FLOPPY ports.  USB sticks for RAID drivers and SATA Optical drives are cheap unless it's Blu-Ray but is Blu-Ray even available on a PATA interface...  I doubt it. 

Steve Jobs is the Devil and Blu-Ray, so suck on that new iMac owners.


PS - What good is better than HD resolution on an iMac if nothing in the near future supports it.  All your 1080P movies will have to be stretched out to fill and then it won't look so crisp :(



I am sure Intel could put out USB 3.0 and SATA 6 chipset a lot quicker than 2011. With the ASUS PCI card and now mobos, the heat is on Intel. I wonder if they are waiting for Light Peak?



First thought - secks. Second thought - it actually might end up as buttsecks...



now all we need is a case that has USB 3.0 



All in all looks like a decent board but I would prefer if they ditched the pci slots for pci-e and used onboard x-fi instead of VIA sound.



I think the PCI slots are fine, besides motherboards should still keep at least one PCI slot for a bit longer, lots of stuff still uses PCI. Some of us don't want/need to spend $150 upgrading to the PCI-E version of the same soundcard we already have.

Also, it uses Realtek  sound, like most motherboards' onboard audio. I haven't seen a motherboard that uses VIA for sound in a while. And on-board X-Fi would raise the price of the board, especially if they actually put the X-Fi DAC and it's required assisting components. To that point, most "X-Fi" audio daughterboards you see with high end motherboards these days aren't "real" X-Fis. They're the same crappy thing as onboard, the motherboard vendor just licenses some X-Fi software technologies.

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