Now Anyone Can Ride the Google Wave



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i thought it would be cool to be able to do school projects ect. but you have to put in a application, then wait to get invited, THEN, you have to get all your friends to join. that got rid of the whole point of it, to be convenient!



I have used it for quite some time, but the only people I could communicate with were users that were invited to Wave. I had difficulty finding users and I felt that searching for help was a nuisance. I've given up on it,but perhaps I will try again.




I have had Google wave for months, and it really has some potential. I think it is capable to be everything Google dreamed it to be, and then some.

People will just have to learn about it, and a few big names, or high tech start up companies will have to use it for wide acceptance to happen.

But it will happen IMO.



Written at my request! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

My exploding trick: Any iPad/Phone/Mac haters get a lot of silly putty, then clog up the speakers on iPad and iPhone or vents (if they exist) on an iMac and wait for a few minutes... then....



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