Notebook Vendors Giving 32-Bit Vista the Boot in Favor of 64-Bit



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Um... Intel is ignoring all antitrust rulings/settlements and has already resumed bribing/threatening computer manufacturers to set specific percentage limits on their use of AMD processors.

My bet is that Ontario gets used at a minimal level by a couple manufacturers to give Intel's usual illusion that AMD has access to the marketplace. Beyond that, AMD is dead. Intel reigns supreme king over the entire, monopolized computer processor market.


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Keith E. Whisman

Finally 64bit computing is starting to become mainstream. It's about time. 



I have been running 64 bit for a little over a year, not a bsod yet on my laptop. However, my college laptop has Vista 32, for compatibility reasons, but that's only because we occasionally use some remote, experimental software.



Now that Photoshop CS4 supports 64 bit you may finally have the app to kick things off. It makes me finally look at Vista.



Even last year I saw a notebook on the shelf at a Sam's Club with 4GB RAM and Home Premium x64.  If you have 4GB RAM I see no reason to NOT use x64.  However, personally since my laptop only has 2GB RAM (and an x86-only CPU) I'm not rushing for a CPU/RAM/OS upgrade any time soon.  With laptop sales surpsssing desktops and laptops becoming ever more powerful, it makes sense to push x64 operating systems.



What's so dubious about 64-bit Vista? I have had very few problems with it, and it's quite stable and works well on my system.



The decision of whether or not to go with 64-bit Vista is dubious, or of questionable value, and not the OS itself. I've been running Vista Ultimate 64-bit on my main system (and secondary systems) for a long while now and my experience mirrors yours for the most part, though the trade-off is that I'll encounter an incompatible program every now and then. I can live with that, but it's tough to call it a slum-dunk decision when the performance benefits over the 32-bit version are arguable, at least in terms of the majority of mainstream apps.



It's stupid to buy a notebook without 2GB ram, now that it's 4 with an OS to match it's the perfect thing to do. They are slow without the speed of RAM............



the only "issue" with 64 bit OS's was support. now that the big OEMs are shipping 64 bit systems nobody can ignore them anymore. let 32 bit die, its had a good run.

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