Notebook Makers Ready to Strike with Thunderbolt



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Ditto to the "yet another interface" blues. The Universally Sucking Bus has never proven to be what it was touted from the beginning. So why not fix IT rather than simply spinning off a whole new interface, form a whole new consortium, and dilly dally around for another decade trying to bring it to market in yet another half-baked line of twitchy "plug and pray" products?



How long have we had USB 3.0? We're just now getting USB 3.0 peripherals enmass, so Thunderbolt still has time. It's NOT a replacement for USB 3.0 it's an entirely new beast that offers unprecedented upgrade potential to the computer through a small peripheral interface. With both Intel and Apple behind, it and with trully new potential it will survive and hopefully thrive.



God save us from yet another interface.



While Firewire was targeted towards video/editing professional/enthusiasts, and did to some small degree compete with USB 1.0/2.0, the Thunderbolt interface is not a competitor to USB 3.0

Think of Thunderbolt as a simplification of multiple interfaces into one.

Instead of plugging multiple cables into your laptop when you get home, you plug one thunderbolt cable into your laptop equiped with Thunderbolt to connect to your:
External Display,
USB 3.0 Hub,
External Hard drives,
Sound System
external mouse/keyboard...
(list goes on)

Instead of having to plug multiple cables into your laptop at home or to a clunky laptop dock, one little cable and boom you are connected.

Personally the fewer wires I have to deal with the better.



That's what they said about USB. It's also why they called it *Universal* Serial Bus too.



I think HP is right. I won't be wasting any money on a thunderbolt equipped PC anytime soon.



What exactly Thunderbolt brings that USB or Displayport do not?
Why do I need it?
What hardware uses exclusively Thunderbolt?

Seriously, I did my best to avoid Firewire and, gladly, it seems to die on its own; why shove another interface down our throat again?

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