Norton Wants to Be Your Go-To Tech Guru



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Trust Norton's Product for years? Yeah, blind trust and not knowing any better. They can't even produce a product that is half-way decent, but they insist on going into tech support (which I think will seriously fail).

Advise your friends and family NOT to go for this service unless the people who help you either

A. Constantly are having PC problems
B. You really don't like them

Even if any of the above true they still don't deserve such crappy treatment: send them to Geekbuddy so they have better invested money.



"For years, consumers have trusted Norton to address their security needs," said Kevin Chapman, vice president and general manager, Worldwide Consumer Services, Symantec

No, I'd say that most users don't know any better, and most corporate offices are swayed by the low price. Symantec products are utter garbage! This one is just another POS Symantec service that is added to the shit pile.



If Norton can't do a great job with its other products, I'd be very weary about this service. Also, the help will be scripted, so in the event that a specific error, situation or problem isn't "in the book", you don't get help. They'll say, "Speak to your product (or software) vendor". Most tech support services are scripted, which is TERRIBLE, because many issues will not be in the "script". I guess tech support is supposed to be easy for the "support" people, because they can't find competent people who don't depend on a script and can solve problems in their own way. I guess, even Geek Squad, is supposed to be easy enough that non-tech savvy people can (and do) provide tech support. That's why these kinds of services have LOW satisfaction scores. I work at an independent computer store instead of Best Buy/Geek Squad, hence, because I like a little freedom in my problem solving and appreciate getting paid a little more than minimum wage.



More like next fleecing.

Zepontiff is right - this audience isn't the target customer at all.  I would think most of us are the ones who act as tech support for family and friends.  Why shell out money when they can download TeamViewer for free and allow me to remote in and assist/fix as needed?

Then again, this model has worked with paid antivirus solutions for years, so it'll probably catch on somewhat.






Ever try to get Norton support to troubleshoot NORTON products?  99% of the time their “solution” is “Please to uninstall and reinstall the Norton product sir.”  That’s ALMOST as bad as Dell’s fallback position for ANY software related problem (and most hardware ones too!) “You will need to re-install Windows sir.”

And Norton wants me to trust these mental giants to troubleshoot NON-Norton products?  Hmmm…. Can I get back to you on that?


I Jedi

In other words, I can pay $200 dollars a year, plus the one time service fee, to have some moron read a pre-set instructional book and piss me off? Why would I do that when I can spend some time actually diagnosing, trying to resolve the problem on my own, and finally resolving to the community members at MaximumPC for... free if I run into a jam? Not only do I gain experience in the ladder part, but it's also free! I don't see the bargain?



I don't think anyone that reads this type of blog is their target customer. So I don't quite understand your complaint.

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