Norton Survey: 27% of Women Would Rather Skip a Shower Than Fix an Old PC



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The real problem is when family, friends and coworkers discover you have more than a layman's understanding of PC maintenance and repair.



I stopped using antivirus software the moment i discovered Sandboxie. I still have a few anti-malware programs like Malwarebytes hanging around though...just in case.



Well, that explains all the girly-men in the dress shops holding purses for their smelly wives...



LOL .. #1 I've spent well over a decade repairing clients machine just by REMOVING Norton products. I've been a loyal Kaspersky user ever since the CIH95 virus hit.

#2 If you use any Norton products then that lowers your computer knowledge down to the last rung on the ladder.

Surveying only 1000 Norton users is far from accurate and, again, the fact they are Norton users lowers accuracy even more but ... the info certainly is entertaining and good for a chuckle.



Way to keep up with the latest. Norton AV 2006 and older really was the worst you could do. It was awful. BUT, they did a complete rebuild for 2007 and since that time it has been great! I never have a problem with it. (Granted I'm not a big statistical representation, but neither are you, in fact) The reviews everywhere back me up here. Keep up with the times, it seems you are the one on the last rung of the ladder. (That said, I have no particular problem with your choice of AV, just your lack of knowledge of the current Norton AV. Or, do you work for Kaspersky which would also explain your post...)



I don't know a situation in life where someone would have to skip a shower to fix a malfunctioning PC. My girlfriend, who is studying to be a dental hygienist, doesn't know anything past the basics (iPad, basic Mac and Windows, Facebook/Twitter, yada yada). If it came down to it, I'm sure she'd rather stomach fixing her Macbook [at least make an attempt] than to skip showering for three days.

Can't believe 27% of females (well, at least 1000 in total, don't know about every female) would rather skip a shower than to do something like reimaging/replacing a HDD or running Recovery Console to fix a borked Windows install. Wow.

For myself, I shower *at least* once a day, but on average, twice a day. I couldn't imagine going three days without a shower. And my computer doesn't malfunction because I don't let it. If it does, no biggie. I'm an IT professional after all.



Is there such a title as IT Unprofessional?



Yes. Most of them work for my company, apparently.



Fixing a PC whether hardware issues, software issues, running A/V's, running A/S's or just using Windows Update cramps their lifestyle. They don't have patience for that when they could be out having fun socializing with their friends using their handheld devices. Why do you think maintenance-free cell phones and tablets took off to the extent that they have. If the socialites need to use a PC, they'll just ask to use their brothers or boyfriend's PC when none of their friends are looking.



Well then that means there is 73% of women out there I would like to get to know... as for the 57% surveyed that said they don't stream porn, I detect someones noses getting longer...All this to say "you gotta mix some ingredients if you want to be a cook."



if you read it again , it said 57% didn't not stream or download porn on "their" computer. So, it could be possible true. They just use like the wife or gf computer to do that or vise versa. LOL.



well im sure they're not CAPABLE of actually fixing an old computer.



I'm not a woman, but I go three days without showering FIXING my computer all the time, possibly even longer if its an ancient computer, or has cheap hardware. :)
I do like taking regular showers though, since it allows me to think of things I might have missed on my build or other computer problems.



congrats to norton for being useless AND sexist. Because we all know "all" men love sports, and "all" women hate sports (and PCs)..



Too much emotion leads to intellectual dishonesty.



These results surprise me somewhat. Given that most machines I see coming into the shop are old as sin.



I wonder what the MaxPC audience is like.

Personally I get a little tired of looking after my parents' Pentium 4 (slow 5k RPM magnetic and the mobo battery keeps dying necessitating a new battery and reconfiguring the BIOS). So much so, I'm planning to give them my AMD 1090T. Partially because I built this machine myself and I know it's rock solid and partially because its time for something new. :p

I must admit I don't scan my PC as much as I should but I tend to keep a tight watch on how my system runs so I leave scanning for weeks or months and rely on firewalls, Windows Security Essentials, passive AVG and Spybot. Then dust off AVG every so often for a scan. :D



With windows 7 there is no need for nortons bloatware. As for their study, 1000 people alone makes for a shitty study. 1000 norton users will lead to bias as people who actually know how to use a computer will have no problem fixing computers and even find it to be a fun experience, and we dont use antivirus because it is completely unnecesary on non-apple products. Norton isnt even a reputable antivirus, this article does not belong on MPC!!!



Come on man lighten up. This was a humorous article and the picture as usual was equally funny.

As far as 1,000 people for a survey, that's the norm It's usually between 1,000 and 1100 people.

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