Norton Announces 2012 Security Products and Expands "Norton Everywhere" Platform



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The norton product is fairly "strong" as far as detecting viruses but I've ranted at length about how awful norton is in general. Way overpriced, still far too "heavy" an app, and still overall not REALLY any stronger than any other paid A/V apps.

Here's the kicker. I have fixed more than one computer where the customer bought norton, installed it, got a virus, and norton detected it but COULD NOT REMOVE IT.

They had to call tech support (india) and PAY AGAIN for some dude in a foreign country to remote in and remove it manually.

What? This person paid up to $80 or more for a security product, and then when the product fails they have to pay again, and we're talking over $90 for the tech support call alone. What?

And the malware in question was easily removable by other products. I know because I've removed it.

That is seriously ballsy, I'll give them that....

How is that any different than the rogue A/Vs that take your computer hostage and charge you money to get your computer back? In fact, Norton is worse because Norton charges them twice, the rogues only charge them ONCE.



I read and trusted your writeup on 2009 Norton Anti-virus and tried out a demo. Was not impressed. That company did so bad for so long that it will take sometime before I trust them again. As the expert in security they need to invest more in gaining back customer trust by reduucing the cost of their products and start doing things for the consumer rather than their bottom line.



yup i agree. im  also a pc tech and to be honest,every pc i start to fix the 1st thing i do is remove norton. i kant believe how many people are brain dead as in. they only know Norton & Mcafee ? serious ?



Mach nicht. Even if they offer their products for free I don't intend to use them. I have all of the protection that is available with three free products. The funny thing is, the only times I have ever had a virus was about ten years ago when I was using Norton's antivirus products and five years ago when I was using AVG's full blown paid product. Switched to three free products that work together and have never had a problem since.



Remote Firewall and Anti-Virus control...

Am I the only one seeing something wrong with that ?



:-)  Good point, remote web access, yikes. You had better have a killer security password to be able to access yours and "common users" Norton settings without the fear of a remote hacker disabling of your now not so secure security software. This from a Norton user, including the 2012 beta (it's very nice by the way)

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