Nokia Windows RT Tablet Rumored for MWC 2013 Unveiling



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A Windows RT tablet makes a lot more sense than a Windows RT tablet that doubles as a laptop (Surface RT). People use tablets as media consumption devices and so the inability to run x86 applications will be much less of a hindrance for a Windows RT tablet by Nokia if a tablet is all that it is.

Besides, if this tablet by Nokia is priced more aggressively than the Surface RT is (the Surface RT isn't priced aggressively at all) then I think it has a much better chance of doing really well.

Microsoft shot itself in the foot with the Surface, just because most consumers aren't stupid enough to waste their money on it doesn't mean there can't be demand for a high quality RT tablet that is priced very aggressively.



I disagree regarding the keyboard.

My wife attaches her SurfaceRT to our 60" TV along w/an external keyboard/mouse and uses that config to do 80% of her internet use. She will dock to the touch keyboard while following a recipe or to compose a long note. The amount of time she carries it while in use is at most 10%.

I do agree that the SurfaceRT is not competitively priced... but by acquiring the Surface for my wife, I have avoided having to buy an HTPC and a tablet.

The inclusion of Office (especially OncNote) in WindowsRT and the Surface's build quality/form factor is really what set the Surface apart from an iPad/Android solution. (oops... the hairs on a bunch of trolls necks just stood up.)

Slow sales are primarily due to technological bigotry.



MS said from the start that the RT, and to a lesser extent the Pro, wasn't meant to be an iPad killer. Love it, or hate it, the Surface is still the best looking of the RT tabs so far.

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