Nokia Windows Phone Devices Spotted Early



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Holly Golightly

I have been reading so much about this Windows Phone, it is not even crazy. Nokia has been shut in regards to which providers it will be out on. If it is yet another one of them AT&T exclusives... I will NEVER consider a Windows Phone again. They let me down with the Samsung Omnia 7, so this is the only other Windows Phone I am willing to consider. But this AT&T exclusivity bullcripe needs to end! Everybody knows that the only reason why anyone would consider AT&T is because of the iPhone. Why else would anybody would want to use a terrible service? To be honest with you... I feel that both of these phones will be AT&T exclusives... This is judging by the past handsets being released. Did Microsoft ever wonder why they are not selling Windows Phone 7 fast enough? One dumb decision after another. Also, no surprize they would release to Europe first, and then everyone else after. Typical! I already feel let down by both Nokia and Microsoft... I guess I will have to wait by 4 o'clock in the morning to find out. Well, here goes nothing I guess...




This article on Tom's Guide speaks of 16 Gb for the 800 model (and it's not even the flagship) and 1 Gb of RAM for the 710. So at the very least the 800 has 1 Gb and the 710 has 512. Plus, my 2+ years old Nokia E55 has microSD, I don't believe in this no-SD nonsense. You're damaging a company, MaximumPC.



Oops, I see only now that the pic itself specifies "no uSD slot"... Nokia has it all backwards these days...



One: these are just rumors...

Two: That article doesn't even mention the flagship 900 model that's supposed to be debuted tomorrow.

Taken from
"Don't let Nokia's numbering system confuse you: this is no N9 nor N900. Instead, the 900 is supposed to be a Windows Phone handset, running Mango on a 1.4GHz Snapdragon chip. According to the spec sheet, it will have a gigabyte of RAM, eight-megapixel camera, and be available in either 16GB or 32GB configurations. Microsoft has talked about NFC support coming to Windows Phone 7 in next year's models, and here the Nokia 900 claims to include just such a feature."



Are you serious?

I've had it up to HERE with my Samsung Focus and its 8GB limitation. (Never had any luck finding microSD cards that actually worked on the device.)

These have 512MB RAM and NO EXPANSION?? Obviously they don't expect any usage as an MP3 player. They are trying to rescue their company from failure... and then they come out with such a limited device.


Still waiting for a 40+GB Windows Phone 7.5 device.

The jury is in. Nokia you are irrelevant.




sad that you've apparently confused system RAM with device storage.

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