Nokia Unveils Linux-Based N900 Smartphone with Multitasking



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usually Nokia announces a phone right after a release of a previous one... and only release that new phone one year later ...


This one will be out before the end of the year? that's a first!

I am interested to see what will Nokia do with this platform....



Generally I have never liked nokia phones primarily because I don't find their design aesthetics appealing. I am not quite a fan of this phones look either, but aesthetics aside, this thing sounds like a winner to me. Nice screen, tons of storage space / program memory, same powerful cpu as the iphone and palm pre, Physical keyboard unlike iphone that is in landscape format like many people wish the pre had. Throw in full flash support and opengl, this thing is a beast. The only thing that could kill this phone is lack of support for the OS and overall lack of apps. If this hits the US market with a 2 year contract price of $300 or less it will likely be my next phone. Until now I was leaning towards the pre.

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