Nokia Shedding 3,500 Jobs



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i do mourn Nokia.  I loved Nokia, grew up using their phones and they rarely failed me.  They've consistently held up better then many other phones.  They make superior phones and phone environments, but I think now that people don't want phones, they want little computers with phone functions, and that's where Nokia has gotten stuck to playing catchup.

I almost screamed in frustration when they unceremoniously dumped Meego and shacked up with Win7.  There was some real potential there, and I would have loved to see what innovations they could bring to the table that Android and iOS hadn't thought of.



It's a sad day for Nokia. Once the leader in Mobile Phones, and to have the newest Nokia first always had your friends full of envy! Since the release of HTC and "ugh" iPhone, Nokia lost its grip fast.

On release of Nokia N8 I was excited but quickly turned off by the fact that this phone was still using the Symbian OS. This was old and hadn't changed much over the years. This I believe is what sealed Nokia's fate. I think Nokia IMHO made the biggest mistake in its history sticking with this OS. The Android OS was far superior and offered so much more.


Maybe if Nokia had ditched Symbian and used Android or even created a spanking new OS from the ground up for the release of the N8, things might have been a lot different today. N95 was my last Nokia phone but even then I was already bored with Symbian.

Here's hoping Nokia can claim back its dignity with the Windows OS which I think still needs some wrinkles ironed out but hopefully Mango will lead the way!



Meego looked like a nice mobile OS but Nokia seemed to have abandoned it, especially when Nokia signed on to work with MS on WP7 phones.

Looking forward to the WP7 devices as that mobile OS is quite nice and very smooth.



The first sightings of the Nokia Maps app for WP7 just popped up so the new phones can't be far away.


Holly Golightly

This is bad news... They better hurry up on the Sea Ray. I am waiting for my Magenta Sea Ray to be made already. They will be making so much money if they just hurry up with the transistion from Symbian to Windows Phone 7. Taking too long now.

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