Nokia Sales Chief Puffs Chest at Samsung on Twitter



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dumping symbian for windows was the best thing nokia ever did. Back in the pre iphone days, i had a nokia n95, that thing was way ahead of it's time. The only thing wrong with it was that symbian was so clunky, which didn't improve in subsequent versions...

I'll definitely be taking a look at the new lumias when they come out. I actually prefer the windows phone interface to ios, the only problem is that i have some good language learning apps on the iphone that i use on a daily basis that probably arent on the windows store yet. :(



I forgot Nokia still made phones until now......



Love the accompanying graphic Paul. :)



Well call me crazy... But I do find the prospect of WP8 and Nokia acctually being successful not entirely outlandish...

I gotta say I do like the idea of WP8, the only thing holding me back currently is how it is still a very closed system much to the liking of iOS, which I do not like.

But I suppose thats just a jailbreak away, as for the Lumia, I thought that was a grand device. Not the fastest or nicest, but for the price point it really was a great device I felt.

I unlike most, I do not really like the GS3, I mean it is a magical device in function and power, but I just can't get over the feel, I think there is a point when a phone is too thin, I think alot of the Android phones have passed that mark IMO. I like to feel like I'm holding a device, not a wafer board.

Lets say I acctually have some high hopes for WP8/Nokia, but to be going toe to toe with Samsung right now is just silly.



It's a PR stunt, and a pretty dumb one. This is the sort of useless crap that marketing dildos sit around thinking up while people with real jobs are working to make the company successful.



We call this puffery.



And lets compare it to the Galaxy S III. Currently, the most powerful smartphone on the market. Unless I'm mistaken.



Well, they had better bring their A-game; if these phones are as bad as what Nokia's been doing for the past half-decade or so, they're pretty much finished....

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