Nokia Readies 10,000 Pink Slips in Major Cost Reduction Effort, Lowers Outlook



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What a shame. My very first cell phone was a Nokia back in the late 90's. (The 'bag' phone LOL) Had a couple others through the years. Hate to see mismanagement ruin so many people's lives. Been through it myself. My last company moved to Mexico and it took a lot of us a long time to recover.



And that makes 21,000 out in just over a year. About 1/6th of their workforce.

Nokia's first mistake was appointing a CEO from Microsoft, who then made the 2nd mistake of hitching them to Windows Phone.



No no! The second mistake was announcing that Symbian OS(Nokia's main OS with millions of loyal users & Devs) was on a "Burning Platform", and that they will be jumping ship. Just months before till the day Symbian was set aflame by Elop, Nokia was starting to regain momentum with the new Anna/Belle road-map, introduction of QT, and anticipation of the Nokia N9 running Meego. Then came the 3rd mistake....

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