Nokia Preps Windows RT Tablet for Early 2013 Launch



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I think Nokia has a terrible idea to judge whether or not to do a Pro version on whether or not the RT version sells well. People may very well want a Pro version and not an RT version. How will they ever find that out though if they never make the Pro version because the RT version doesn't sell well? x86 app compatibility anyone? I doubt RT will ever be a huge hit.

ARM processors in laptops are only going to become more and more prevalent (in my estimation) and when that time comes then maybe Windows RT will catch on but until then I don't see RT doing all that great.




...though calling it an "Pro version" is misnomerish because that assumes Windows 8 Pro; it might just be Windows 8, with its tiny 128GB ceiling! haha



Nokia has already made a windows based computer. They made the prettiest windows 7 netbook that rivaled Apple's air. Looking forward to what they make as a tablet and hopefully another atom based version.

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