Nokia Cancels X7 US Launch



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As sa N8 user, i have to say that the N8 rocks, it has so strong signal strenght, i just cant believe it. I had problems with all of my other phones, they just couldnt catch the signal from the carriers. I had to go outside to talk normaly. No more problem like these since i have the n8. And the Symbian^3 is not so bad, its just different, it has the potential, it has good hardware backing it, the only problem is, it lacks strong developers, and a bad marketing promotion. If nokia could promote its phones and OS like Apple and Google are doing it, the company would return on the tracks and be successful again.



What exactly does their OS do that Android doesnt do as well or better? The only arguments I have seen so far are about how it doesnt suck...but no one has given any reasons to use it over Android, which has a much larger market and better support. 



I've had my eyes on the N8 for some time now.  I'm currently using a Nexus One with mixed results.  I can see that you're keen on the N8 so my simple question is this - is the N8 better than the currently available Android devices?



I've owned a half dozen phones over the years and Nokia ones have been the only ones that were durable enough for me. They've been good little phones otherwise, but that's been the main reason why I've kept buying them.



Second the durability part.  Let's also not forget the ability to grab signal when other phones cannot



I am in the same situation. I have the Nokia N8 on AT&T and I love it. A lot of people have criticized symbian OS as being clunky and unintuitive. I must disagree, it is certainly different from iOS and Android OS. But that does not mean it is worse. It is just different. I happen to really like Symbian^3. It took some getting used to, but after I got used to it I really like it. A lot of the reviews that I have seen on the N8 are from people who took at most a week to review the N8. And I do not believe this is fair to the N8.



I have the N8 and love it.  I am on ATT and do not want to have to pay for a smart phone data plan.  I have messed with android phones and like them, but as ATT does not know what the N8 is, I can get away with the unlimited data and text for less than what the smartphone plan is.  Sure, it costs more up front for the phone, but its worth it to me to not be locked into a plan.  As for the ATT network, I have never had a problem with service, voice or data.

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