Noctua and Rotosub's Active Noise-Cancelling Fan Gets Detailed and Videotaped



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I was really confused till he flipped the switch. I'm really excited about the technology, just not the price.



Quiet performance seems to go against something in human nature. ;)

I ask you: is there a quiet race/performance/sport car? If so, I haven't heard of it lol.

Noise might even be more important than performance, to which I reference all the annoying vehicles I'm sure we've all encountered on the road which achieve loud exhaust at the expense of performance.

Shoot, Harley enthusiasts even tried to justify their love of loudness with the highly-illogical saying that "Loud pipes save lives".

Point, if you could call it that, being: why do we want all our toys loud, associate loudness with high performance, except when it comes to our PCs?

Even with several "standard" fans my pc is currently inaudible over louder ambient noise like my AC unit. I'm not seeing a point to this, certainly not for $50/fan.



Nissan Leaf RC...and it's fast too. Your argument about exhaust is invalid. Just because something is loud doesn't mean it performs better. And harley riders (with loud pipes) are just overgrown children who want attention.



you didn't really read/understand his post........



actually there is, the Tesla roadster and other electric cars are almost silent, they pretty much just have road noise and wind noise



At around 1:50 you can see the fan blades being vibrated to dampen the sound. Look at the top left corner where you can see the shadow.



it sounded like the speaker on the fan, makes it sound louder, then when they turn it off, poof the fan is quieter.

If you really want a silent system, just built your a special encloser with sound dampening and good air flow under your desk, search youtube for computer sound dampening



I really like Noctua parts, I even have one of their coolers and several of their fans, and some Yate Loons in my case right now...

This particular fan looks interesting, and I -REALLY- hope they start making the vibration dampening escutcheon STANDARD on all their fans!

However, looking at the actual stats from Noctua's site, the "standard" volume of the fan is about 22.4 dB and the "low noise" volume is about 18.6 dB. For sake of discussion, let's just say 4dB because that's effectively what we're talking about...

The fan in question, the NF-F12 PWM, however is entirely outclassed by its own "sister line" of fans the NF-S12B and the NF-P12.

The F12 and the P12 are very close in overall stats and performance, but the P12 -can- be had for about $20 a piece if you shop around a little (or buy a 3 pack and get them for even less!)

The S12B is far and away superior in every significant way to the F12 PWM in this article. It's quieter, pushes MORE air, and costs half as much!

I'll wait and see -IF- the design of the F12 PWM works as advertised and pushes air in a more concentrated manner, this yielding more efficient cooling, in the real-world situations we're all going to be dealing with.

My gut is telling me that in a case-fan situation it would make little or no difference, perhaps on a heat-sink it would more directionally drive heat off of the surfaces it's immediately contacting and more effectively move that heat/air up off the surfaces. Sort of like the difference between letting a hose just run, or putting a focusing nozzle on it...



"For sake of discussion, let's just say 4dB because that's effectively what we're talking about..."

"My gut is telling me that in a case-fan situation it would make little or no difference..."

That's because your gut is making the ever-so-common mistake of forgetting that the dB scale is non-linear.



Actually, the dB scale is in fact linear, but the relative sound that each value represents is not. For example, 91 dB is slightly louder than 90 dB, but 151 dB is very MUCH louder than 150 dB.

HAH I just trolled the troll. Self-high-five!



Nice taking two entirely unrelated sentences out of context there troll...

What you got wrong was basic reading comprehension...

The 4dB comment was regarding the sound difference alone, and the CHEAPER fans have less noise for less money...

As for the second sentence, it was referring to the actual airflow of the fans, and that supposedly the new fan does more with its airflow than other designs... This may be so, but for the sake of a case fan it wouldn't make much (if any) difference than a conventional fan because you're trying to establish an overall current to remove the warm air already drawn out of the cooled components and exchanged into the case.

It's really pretty sad that you would go to that length to purposely misrepresent what someone says when the actual post is literally right above your trolling...



So what is the expected maximum air output on these bad boys supposed to be? Better be epic to match the $50 price tag!



Nope: Just quiet …



bet we didn't get the details here because it's going to be a full review in the mag

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