No Need to Panic Over HTC's First Profit Slump in Two Years



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Not to mention they decided to stop sponsoring the winningest professional cycling team (HTC Highroad).  Wonder how bad their numbers will look in 3Q 2012 after the Tour de France is over and they got zero advertising benefit from one of the most-watched sporting events in the world.



If people made purchasing decisions based on sponsorship deals, than Sprint would be the number 1 cell carrier in the country based on their deals with the NFL, NASCAR, and the NBA. Sponsorships do not play out into sales. First rate products and service do, and word of mouth has a larger affect than how much a company spends.



This was bound to happen at some point...  I fairly confident that most people now-a-days are using some kind of smartphone, so I'm going to assume that market saturation can be blamed a little bit


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