No More Waiting, Nvidia Officially Unveils Ion 2



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Really? I thought these things were out already? At least the way everyone was talking about them sure made me think so.

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Keith E. Whisman

Ten times faster than slow as paint drying is still pretty slow. But at least you can play some of your games with your graphics settings reduced. I want to see Ion 5 or 6. That is when Netbook graphics will really start to get good.



In other news ATI continues to kick nVidea's ass in the graphics card front



Hmmm, nVidia using Ion2 to distract from the lack of Fermi much? COME ON nVidia! Make with the products people actually care about. Six months past the original planned release date and you're still talking limited supply when it does finally launch? I am SOOO glad I switched over to AMD/ATI for this round. Until nVidia gets their %#$@ together, I'm off their band wagon for a good long time.

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