No Chrome OS Devices for the Holidays?



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As an entity Google has continued to "wow" the tech world with their software up to this point by carefully planning out launches and evaluating what the end user really wants. I believe this is an ingenious step in their evolution by allowing other major companies the ability to jump ahead and test the grounds while they sit back and polish their well oiled machines. No reason to take a hit from designated customers in order drop something on the market. Like snipers they sit and wait in the shadows breathing shallow anticipating the kill shot.



 The absolutely 1st thing I thought of when I read the headline is "Android is obsoleting Crome OS". With Tablets taking over some of netbook sales, it may be too late fro Crome OS to even exist. Good try but wait a year and you are gone, baby, gone in a internet minute...


I Jedi

I am curious to know how Android is making Chrome OS obsolete, when both operating systems serve two totally separate platforms? As we both know, Android caters to the smartphone realm, whilst Chrome OS is suppose to cater to the low-end laptop realm. While tablets are starting to appear, I don't believe they are a threat, yet, to the dominance of laptops in general. In fact, Android is pretty much designed to be a phone OS, not a laptop/PC OS. While it can do this, I don't believe it will expand to this area of the market anytime soon, if at all.

Now, if you wanted to make the arguement that Android is receiving more attention than Chrome OS is from Google, I would definiately agree with you on that note.


I Jedi

Supposedly Chrome OS will not be available for download off of the Internet, but instead shipped with laptops/PCs. I wonder, though, about the viability of Chroms OS to make it into the market. If we look at Ubuntu, they, too, once tried to release their software through laptops at Best Buy, only to later have it pulled from Best Buy laptops because many customers were complaining that they couldn't run "Windows" programs on it, and that the enviroment (Gnome) was very hard to navigate around. With Chrome OS, it's a related story, I believe. No software can be downloaded and installed on the OS, and Chrome OS relies on the Internet to do many of its functions, as the OS is Google-app. oriented. If you ask me, I think that Chrome OS will fail to materialize as a true alternative to Windows and Apple OSs, and that the only true takers of Chrome OS will be the fanboys of it. I could be completely wrong, but I truly do not see this OS becoming huge, except for its launch week. Google is very innovative in how they do things; perhaps they feel they can make their OS work out in the laptop market where Ubuntu failed at Best Buy.

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