Nintendo's First Loss in Three Decades is a Doozy



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Nintendo has a few major problems recently which keeps me from purchasing one of their consoles;

1) The games are primarily for kids. Start making some games directed towards adults and maybe adults will buy them.
2) The Wii and DS library are 90% shovel ware. Do they ever say no to any developer ideas any more? They should.
3) Nintendo developed games are too few and far between.
4) Motion control is fun for some games but it shouldn't be forced into every game.
5) I'm sorry but graphics DO matter. you can't go on forever making budget consoles.



I think what hooked most people was the motion control and the advertising showing how "fun" it was to play with multiple people. The motion control was what got me to buy one but it didn't take long for Microsoft to catch on and make the Kinect. If they can think of original concepts then people will continue to buy their consoles despite the graphics. So basically they need something with a lot more "wow" then motion control that's easily copied and incorporated into other consoles.




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The Corrupted One

Wii U will get Nintendo back on it's feet.

In the meantime, I need to beat Metroid Prime 2 and 3.



lol uh... no, no it won't. The Wii U has been the target of much bashing in the developer world as of late, being referred to as the "Pii U." The only way Nintendo is going to see a profit in the years ahead is as a software publishing company, porting old classics to iOS and Android devices, like Sega was forced to do. Their console days are numbered, and they have only themselves to blame.



My purchase of the Wii was an impulse buy. It was fun for a few months but I haven't picked it up for a long long time. I've been tempted but I'm still trying to catch up on the list of awesome PC games that have been released since this fall. I have yet to touch the new Batman game and I finally picked up BF3 again. I'm Skyrim'ed out and I've played ME1 through ME3 about 3-4 times now.



Same here, kinda. I have a PS3 for console exlusives but I impulsively bought Move thinking motion could be the future of gaming. I had fun for a few weeks, but got tired of it and regret spending the cash. I still think there is a future in it though - Heavy Rain was much more immersive with the waggle stick. Enough so, that I'd like to see PC games integrate it. PC hardware should support more input options, not less. I know Skyrim is supporting shouts on Xbox via Kinect, but I want shouts on PC. And I don't think it would be a bad idea to give people motion either - opening doors, swinging swords, and interacting with NPCs could be cool with motion. Atleast Nintendo tried to do something different. I think they deserve some respect for it.



People are burnt out on Nintendo hardware. All the casual gamers(anyone who bought a Wii is a CASUAL gamer I don't care how hardcore you THINK you are) already have their paperweight.

Not many people even play their Wii anymore. Good luck convincing people they need ANOTHER Wii Nintendo.

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