Nintendo is Working on New Hardware, Says Miyamoto



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I'm regretting the fact that I got a Wii.  The motion sensor was cool at first but few games fully support/make use of it.

Many games are pixelated and look like they were made in the 90's.

Good thing I still have my up-to-date PC.  Nothing beats gaming on a Core i7 920.



The success of the Wii, while completely unarguable, is totally gimmick based and that is going to make the selling of their next gen hardware quite a lot harder.  I was in awe when I first heard of what the Wii was "capable of" but in practice there are VERY few gaming experiences on the Wii that are worthwhile on any level.  Ironically most of the "good" games don't have much of ANYTHING to do with the motion control aspect.

With Sony and Microsoft already delivering HD gaming, and now adding their own motion controllers which at least appear to be superior to the Wii... I just don't think you can slap HD onto a Wii and expect them to out sell the competition.  I lot of people already have 360s and PS3s... adding on motion control to those would seemingly be MUCH cheaper than having to go out and buy a whole new Wii HD or whatever it'll be called.  I don't see the kind of people that already have a Wii and don't care about how shitty the image quality is caring enough to go buy a whole new HD version.

 The people that do care are the one's that already have a PS3, 360, or both.  They're much more likely to have been turned off by all the shitty Wii games and be looking to the add on motion control options for their other systems before blowing a few hundred more dollars on a newer system from a company that can't seem to make motion control games they care to play anyway.

 Obviously the whole feature set of the new hardware won't be known for quite some time, but as a current Wii owner, Nintendo's next gen is going to have to be proven legit with real quality gaming experiences before I buy into it this time.



Does it need to have HD to compete? Seriously? Who are they competeing with? You media types keep trying to put all 3 consoles in the same segment as if they compete with each other somehow. They dont. They have totally different demographics and they are not even close to being in the same league as far as hardware or software. Saying that the Wii is somehow in competetion with the Xbox or PS3 is like saying the Prius is in competetion with a Mustang and a Corvette. Get real Max PC.



We all praised wii for proving that content is king when it first came out. They were innovative and brought motion sensing to the market. I still belive it's more of a fad than anything and its starting to lose that initial wow factor. That and, well, every other system is coming out with their own versions. I won't even mention how appealing to fitness fanatics is seemingly an oxymoron for a gaming platform. A mistake imo. Regardless, Playstation and XBOX have looked far enough ahead to see that HD is the way of the future and are now, reaping the benefits. I really have to praise Playstation for taking the marketing risk to give customers a quality overall entertainment system, even though their system is a better bluray player than it is a gaming console. They lack content while the wii lacks the graphics. And guess who's reaping the rewards? The XBOX 360 that decided to strike a balance. Anyone else pissed off Mass Effect 2 didnt port to Playstation 3? Another reason to despise Microsoft. They know how to play their cards... Well anywyas, I said all that to say Nintendo needs to do more than just add another gimmick to playstyle, they need to up their horsepower for HD and change their focused target audience. Excercise on a gaming platform just doesnt beat good ol' regular outdoor excercise period.



Well I would buy a WII and only have a WII if it has some power to it. I mean I am an adult and I like Adult games like COD MW2. I like Blu Ray and HD content on my HD TV. So if they make a wii with some of the Hardware found in the other consoles then yes! if not, Well I am sorry Nintendo. I was a big fan back in the day but I just cannot play a pixilated mario game anymore!



is for Nintendo to release a firmware update for the Wii that lets it play DVD's. While I used the Twilight hack and all that, Nintendo always makes sure to kill it with every firmware update, and then you have to wait for a new version of the hack to come out, try and install it... meh. I'd actually USE the Wii just sitting in the living room if Nintendo just released a "channel" for it that let it play DVDs.



As much as nintendo denied that 3d would be big, they got to CES and said "Oh shoot, we need to make a new wii that would work with this". That's what they're going to do. Because they can't be the only system without 3d.



I'm gonna go out on a limb here and disagree with the other posters, the Wii NEEDS HD. Period. A buddy of mine has a Wii that he hooks up to his 47" HDTV and it looks like crap. Hell, even some antialiasing would go a long way.

And I'm not entirely sure you'd need "backwards compatibility" so to speak, it depends upon how the graphics hardware and APIs are designed. PC games are designed to be played at various resolutions and with varying degrees of eye candy. If Nintendo were smart they would have future-proofed the Wii in the design stages to allow them to beef up the graphics hardware without having to worry about incompatibilies in older games. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.



 Nintendo's next console I believe will have to be more powerful. I know graphics don't make a game, but when you take a decent game from the 360/PS3 and dumb the graphics down so the Wii can handle it, I'd rather have one of the other consoles to play it on. (thank god for my PC though :D) I like the uniqueness of the controller, and the next console will (seemingly) have to be backwards compatible. But I've never been a platformer per say, so I have Mario Kart Wii, but then we have the Rock Bands and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I'm not a Super Mario guy - never beat Sunshine and don't want either of the Galaxy games. I dind't even own Super Mario 64. So I like love the Wii and hate it at the same time.



i doubt its HD, well that would be nice, 80 percent of Wii owners probably dont care. And even if they wanted to, its not as simple as adding HDMI, theres compatibilty with old games, a new GPU etc



Looking at that NES picture reminds me what an terrible design that cartridge tray was.

1. Press down cartridge, press power button.

2. Press down cartridge, press power button.

3. Take cartridge out and blow on the inside.

4. Press down cartridge, press power button. 

Repeat until game works or you quit in frustration.



I don't think the wii really NEEDS HD to compete. But the added feature might just tip potential buyers from other consoles. A graphics update would be nice too, considering the fact that most wii graphics look like ps1 games. I know, I know, the wii isn't about graphics, but a nice looking shooter would be nice...Red Steel 3 maybe? I dont care what you critics say, I LOVED the original Red Steel!



 I too enjoyed Red Steel. RS2 is supposed to have even more motion control and utilize the Wii Motion Plus! Should be awesome!!


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-


Pentium 0

I suppose they dont want the rumored Tegra 2 powered DS2 to be more powerful than their console. 



For the Wii, I think that nintendo called it right not worring about HD.  But now that HD TV's have fallen to a point that a 42" is affordable, the next console must include HD.  Better graphics wont hurt either.



i think you hit it right on the head.  definitely a good callin 2006.  but now?

really, where can you go to buy a standard def TV nowadays?  cragslist?  the furthest, darkest, most neglected corner of best buy?

there are few things as irritating and distracting as watching standard def TV on my HD TV.  i would be pretty dissapointed if they didn't support high def this time around.

Better graqphics?  meh.  it'd be cool, but not necessary as long as the games are fun.



It would need to be at least as powerful as the Xbox 360 and PS3 for me. I haven't played my Wii in over a year, and part of that is the graphics, part is I prefer sports games which work better on the 360 than the Wii anyway. Even if it just adds a few features and updaes the graphics to HD but even still not to the level of the 360 or PS3 it will still probably sell amazingly well.

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