Nintendo Wii U Specs Leak to the Web



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I love my consoles. I don't understand why people don't feel the same way I do. The people who are complaining about the extended shelf life of the product must  be on a different planet. Everyone and their mother is getting  a lot of bang for the buck out of these outdated consoles. The online experience is a blast and there continuously adding new content. Don't get me wrong it's entirely different experience from pc gaming but I don't feel like graphics are what's holding the console makers back. Look at the latest list of amazing games just released ... Uncharted 3, Super Mario Bros, Zelda, skyrim, gears 3, batman (not everyones cup of tea but I enjoy it),battlefield 3.  I have a pretty nice computer rig by my standards (2600k oced, more ram than I could ever used and two 560ti's in sli) yet I still enjoy both platforms equally. I think the issue a lot of people are having is that the full potential of their PCs aren't being tapped into. That will change as the consoles hardware gets better because of ports to pc, but who really wants a port from a console anyway? The only from console port even worth having is Skyrim. And yes it is a port. If you don't believe me then throw a wired controller on your computer and see how much better the game mechanics feel over the keyboard controls which seem like an afterthought.


Hail to the pc though for mmorpg's. Now let's all take a moment of silence until SWTOR comes out two weeks from now (less if you pre-ordered).



"The only from console port even worth having is Skyrim."


So Arkham City and BF3 aren't worth having?  Why did you mention them then?



What's weird about this, is that they're claiming it has 768MB of *embedded DRAM*. That's an insane amount of eDRAM. In comparison, the 360 has 10MB and the Wii has 3MB. That's pretty significant; eDRAM is far faster than SDRAM because it's on the chip and doesn't require I/O through a bus. 



I'm pretty sure it's not eDRAM, it's just RAM embedded in the die (of the CPU). Nintendo has been doing that a lot lately, making their systems SoC or as close to a SoC as they could. Saves them quite a bit of money I guess. I don't think NEC (or whatever company it is) produces eDRAM anywhere near 768MB.

Also, I remember seeing specs very similar to this several months ago. I can't remember the source, and when I tried to find it again it was gone.

I know I'm far from a reliable source, but the specs it had were about in line with what has been leaked here, along with other leaks. They said the GPU was a 4870 based, but with higher clocks, had 16MB of eDRAM (enough for 1080p) and the CPU was clocked at 3.5GHz or so. CPU/GPU also had weird codenames, they were Falcon or Eagle or something like that (not really important). Basically just an Xbox 360 with a bit more power.

EDIT: Found the site, the specs they list are quite different (as far as RAM is concerned), so yeah, who the hell knows.



agree with the overall sentiment- unless the move is to bring up the specs to match PC's now with discreet cards specs at DX11 we will be stuck with dx9 or maybe dx10 for the next decade

that alone would keep me from purchasing another console - the PS3 was my first - but if the cycle is not abbreviated and the hardware not improved in the console world with this next gen- it will be my last



RAM is cheap, load that thing up!



I have lost all faith in consoles anymore. All they have done is halt the advancement of gaming in general with graphics from 6 years ago. The all currently use hardware our top cellphones are now tapping into it seems, and it seems all they pump out for consoles is lack luster shooters anymore.


Just my opinion of course but i havent really touched my console in over a year now. I dont really plan on buying another one. My PC as it sits now, will out proform the next xbox/PS4 without breaking a sweat.


again just my opinion



uhhh what? Not even commenting on the graphics from 6 years ago part or the cellphone hardware part, but lack luster shooters??


Really? Uncharted 3, Skyward Sword, Gears of War 3 (a shooter, but lack luster? hardly), etc.



Except that I'm pretty sure mobile GPUs are at a standstill until they can figure out how to do that without drinking up the battery life like the town drunk. Not to mention they can get away with that because they're not expected to push out 1080p, or even 720p. Especially in the 3DS's cases where it's only pushing at most 800x240 or something of the sort for 3D graphics.

So no, as impressive as mobile graphics are today, they don't perform as good as the 360 or the PS3 when you want them to start doing that.



Just look at tegra 3's potential and tell me mobile GPUs are at a stand still.  I wouldn't say mobile graphics are better than consoles, but they will be very soon. Also, phones are pushing 720+ resolutions right now.



50% more powerful than a 360 or PS3 is still 1/7 as powerful as a mid-range PC these days.  Sounds like Nintendo's still going for the budget system.



I was thinking the same thing. It's not exactly hard to be 50% more powerful than the PS3 (a system released in 2006) when it's still running a 7900GT @ 550MHz, and only has 256MB of DDR3.



I was a pretty adamant Nintendo fan (alongside PC gaming) up until the Wii. It really wasn't the hardware that let me down, which I still think is pretty unique and worthy, but the software. No one but Nintendo themselves really tried to innovate with its controls. There's only so many "party games" that one can be entertained with. Let's hope that changes next-gen (and includes a sane online/multiplayer platform).



ha, I second that. the only game that i really find to be worth my time on the wii is the zelda series. i have a ton of games on my wii that i have not touch since i aquired them. well, i'd be wrong to leave the new super mario bros out. but anywho...i def agree with you there.



Then Sony and Microsoft will come out with their new consoles and one-up Nintendo with specs, with all 3 giving thier consoles a shelf life of 15 years. I love gaming on my console, but there seriously needs to be an update as of 2009



a 15yr lifespan, cut short you mean. The Wii and PS3 are about 8yrs old, give or take, and the 360 is about 9yrs old.

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