Nintendo Talks Wii U Launch Titles, Gamepad Controls



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"'After a notable achievement or other share-worthy moment, players can pause their game or application and seamlessly post messages to the Miiverse community.'"

Nice to see that they're finally catching up with Microsoft's Xbox Live after over half a decade, though I wish they didn't have to spell this out. This is so obvious that gamers, at least this gamer, take that for granted in modern gaming.

Though I know what console I won't be getting...



I think this could solve Skyrims bad-awful combat system. You could have the menu up on the handheld while playing, so a quick glance down to change weapons,potions, or whatever is needed is all it would take to keep it moving. Heck, anything is better than what's in place now ;-)( I love Skyrim btw, but hate having to stop the action to change something). Besides that, I don't see this being a marathon gaming controller, at least not until I develop the muscle group to hold that thing for hours on end.



I understand what you mean, but at least it pauses the game while you're going through your inventory. Can you imagine trying to look down fumbling for a health potion as a dragon is nuking your behind. Sure, you could pause it first, then look down to navigate, but then what is the point of having the extra display?

For me the idea of using the screen as an extra control seems clunky. It is a great tool if used for things like displaying information, such as a stat screen in an RPG game.



While I do enjoy forward thinking devices trying to incorperate cell phone technology (touch screens make phones awesome), I don't think a real controller gains value from a touch screen. Half the value of a controller is being able to use it without taking your eyes off the screen.

While the DS does a good job of it (you can see both screens at once) I'm not holding up my controller for a game while playing it on a TV. It's about tactile feedback.

Hell; even a keyboard I have memorized would be a horrible blunder if it had touchscreen keys. Slip your finger a few millimeters to the wrong spot and see all the gibberish.



Then you would be interested in Nintendo's new Pro Controller meant for hardcore marathon gaming. It take a big cue from the Xbox 360 controller, which IMO is a good thing. I much prefer the Xbox 360 controller to the Dualshock 3. Naturally, the DPad will be Nintendo style (read: usable).

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