Nintendo to Talk 3DS Price, Release Date in September



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I'm curious to see if it is any good. I find the DS system is way underpowered compared to the PSP. Each DS is getting more and more features, but it's still like a touch screen gameboy. Although I'm not crazy about 3D, if it has more beef than other DS systems, I'm auxious to try it.



Currently I have the DS Lite, I did have the original DS. I've held off of buying the DSI and the DSI XL as they just didn't seem to be that big of a hardware upgrade for me to buy. For me to buy the 3DS it will have to be a major upgrade as compared to the the DS/I. The 3D technology is interesting but I will have to wait and see how well it functions and they will need a good library of games for me to buy into. And the price range will also dictate if I buy it when it's first released.

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