Nintendo: Piracy Not to Blame for Poor Sales



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I'm not talking about cheap crappy platform ports, or the $20 kid's titles you find in the bargain bin... I'm talking actual Nintendo-made titles. Zelda games, SM Galaxy 1 / 2, Super Smash bros, Metroid Prime trilogy, other M, etc. I don't own a Wii at the moment (used to) but I can say with confidence that Nintendo's own titles are well worth the money, really the only reason i'll ever own a Wii again (if i ever do buy another one) is so I can own some of these great titles.

Huge Metroid fan here btw, from NES through the handhelds all the way up to the prime series.



Good for Nintendo. There will always be people who copy games, but there are plenty of us who don't mind paying money to get a real copy. There are lots of good ways to assure you give the paying customer the better product, but sadly most of the industry seems content with punishing us with bad DRM software.

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