Nintendo Joins the Party, Adds Netflix to Wii Console



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I've been using Netflix on the Xbox a lot for the last half year.  I was happy when it cam to PS3 and quickly got the install for my PS3 too just to have it on each.  But I was disappointed to find out that the PS3 required you to insert a Netflix disc every time you wanted to use it while the Xbox doesn't require this.  That combined with Wii's lack of HD ability means I'll probably be sticking with the 360 for Netflix streaming.



I assume that this will only steam SD content so it's not really going to be much of an incentive. If the composite cables are used will it stream in HD?



The best the Wii can do is 480p. 


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.



 I've heard rumours that the Wii2 will offer 720/1080 support for games, etc


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