Nintendo Announces New DS with Camera and Media Functionality



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 Nintendo announced  new DSi has very nice look.


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I love Nintendo, and I can't wait for the new DS. I have a DS Lite and I really like it, though I wish it could play media (without a third party device) and browse the internet (without an overpriced game card). The camera seems wasteful, but the built in web browser is nice. I also can't wait for the sd card slot, which will increase its hackability dramatically.  


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This might cause me to get my first Nin product new for a long time.



The price seems a bit steep when compared to a current generation DS ($129.00) for what little Nintendo is adding.   The ' biggest addition', the digital camera is a waste of space. 


Peanut Fox

Nintendo will sell a ton of these.  The camara seems odd.  Maybe for a game?  You could take a picture of a barcode and generate a monster maybe?  You herd it here first, so if anyone makes that game I will be expecting some cash..... or at least one of those new DS'.



Maybe it would be best to wait until they come out with their next handheld, then get the DS...but I left the portable side of gaming not too long ago so it doesn't matter.



I am a PSP user and I love it but it needs improvement (no I am not talking about a 2nd Analog stick).  It is a great system to entertain myself with with music, games, the No BS Podcast, etc.  I don't think I am going to buy the 3000 series becuase they haven't improved it enough.  Yes an anti reflective screen is nice but after seeing that the DS is improving and playing around with my wifes new iTouch, the PSP is really being left behind

 What they need to add:

1.  A real Browser that can open websites as well as the itouch.

2. A built in Camera (not really for me but I am sure it would get people to by it), you can't get the add on here in the states.

3. Some PDA type aps like a Calc, Datebook, contact list.

4. And come on, if the handicams can have touch screen why can't the PSP?

 Would anybody add anything else?



I must be missing something - what would you do with a 0.3 megapixel camera?



 correction: Anyone who buys a DSi by March 2010 will get 1000 "Nintendo Points" (That's what I've been reading).

The points are being name changed to Nintendo Points, as they'll work with both the Wii and DSi download stores.

The DSi will have 2 cameras. One on the top of the lid facing away from the user, and one on the hinge facing the user. My guess is that there will be some sort of messaging application, or there will be games and/or apps that can use the 2 cameras.

Plus, if you don't have a camera, and your cell phone doesn't have a camera, but you have a DSi, and you want to take a picture, just whip it out and snap one off!


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It could probably used for avitar sized pictures, but thats about it.

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