Nintendo 3DS Shipping March 27 for $249



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This is definitely a different approach from Nintendo. They usually make underpowered systems and sell them for dirt cheap. They generate such high numbers because of their price point. It is yet to be seen how truly powerful this new hand held is, but it definitely isn't cheap. I am interested to see how that will impact sales.



Tbh, I expected this to come out at around 300 dollars. If this system came out last year, I would have hopped onto this no problem. This year, however, I am going to bite the bullet and avoid this system til the price comes down. There are several games that are coming out for this system that I want to get (thus being the reason why I even consider getting this as a I have a DS lite anyhow).



The majority of people I think I'll see gaming on the device are older teenagers who are making their own money because of the steep price for a gaming device. Currently, I always see little kids (ages ~10) gaming on a Nintendo DS in a shopping cart while their parents are shopping. But at $250, I find it'll be really hard for parents to justify spending that kind of money for their kids - especially something that can be easily stolen at school, lost, damaged, etc. And I could imagine the games will be a lot more expensive because of the 3D graphics.



I agree the price seems steep, but whether or not it's worth it will depend on the quality and if you value the added features.  I'm interested to see how they make use of a gyro sensor with gaming.  Do you need it to play music or take 3D pictures?  If not then it's probably overpriced for you.  I'd like to see them released a simpler, cheaper version without all the extras people don't want.



HMMMMMM i'm gonna have to say... i'll get neither and spend the extra $50 for a PS3 or dump it into my PC.. Stupid nintendo they'll never sell at this price!



If you think this won't sell, you're crazy. As soon as they land it on Good Morning America, Oprah, etc...

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