Nintendo 3DS On-Track to Beat DS First-Year Sales



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When these came out at 250 bucks, I thought to myself, "WTF?  Nintendo is F-ing up!"  Nobody is going to buy a 3DS for that, not when so many other options for entertainment exist in that price range.  I was right too, as the sales of the bugger were pathetic, especially when compared to it's previous offerings.


Then the price drop happened.  I was all, "I guess maybe the guy in charge of these things was just temporarily insane."  But I still don't see it doing all that well.  Why?  It's all about the games...


Nintendo, at one time, had a great many good titles to offer.  Sure, there was crap, but for the most part there was more than enough good to make them a viable platform.  Once they started to offer these alternative game systems (motion based control, touch pads), developers didn't seem to know what to do.  So they made these craptastic puzzle games, and low-rent adventure games.  Crappier versions of games we already were tired of in the 90's.  It's hard to look at the selection Nintendo has to offer these days and find anything that is a suitable game.  Every time I go to Wal-Mart (EEK, I said the devils name!) I look at the games, even though I don't own a system.  As I look, I see a lot of interesting games on Xbox and PS3.  Some total crap too, but a lot of interesting games too.  I look at Nintendo, both Wii and DS, and all I can see is a mario game and zelda.  The rest (and the Nintendo section at my Wal-Mart is 2x the size of either of the competition), is the crap I have already described.


Get some friggin games Nintendo.  And don't give me this, "It's supposed to be for kids" crap.  I had a NES when I was a kid.  I could tell the difference between a worthwhile game and a crappy one.  Stop insulting the kids and give them something to play.

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