Nikon's New SLR is the First to Shoot Video



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This looks very promising, and a great "next-step" evolution of the live preview feature of higher end DSLR's. had a limited hands with the D90 and had this to say of the movie capture mode:

"Using an SLR for movies may seem like yet another 'solution looking for
a problem', but Nikon believe that the unique advantages offered by
such a large sensor (compared to any compact stills camera or
camcorder) will bring get users' creative juices flowing. These
advantages include the ability to use selective focus effects in movie
clips (shallow depth of field), the ability to shoot movies with
fisheye or extreme telephoto lenses and the ability to capture movies
in very low light thanks to the higher sensitivity."


Personally, I am waiting to see how Canon responds.  I've too much invested in lenses to switch now.



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