Nightly Big Thoughts, Small Talk - 7/2/08



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An additional $15 bucks a month for the new 3G service ruins the appeal of the new pricing. I'm even more pissed off now that full enterprise/exchange mail support will cost extra as well. Apple screwing their customers? Who could've predicted that!?

-- Norm



Not Gordon! He definitely couldn't have predicted that.  Firefox 3 over 8 million!  Are AMD/ATI finally becoming competitive?  I think so.  2.6Ghz and great videocard price:performance ratio. Look out Nvidia, cant wait to see how the 4870X2 performs


And again, apple is universally pissing on everyone.  But umm, dont ever do a feature on whether Macs are better in MaxPC. -Enter least selling issue of the Mag EVER-

Cool podcast though. 

PS Norm, love the picture of you staring blankly at the Dream Machine ; )


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i'm not staring blankly, i'm crippled by awe

-- Norm

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