Nigerian Police Crack Down on Scammers, Shuts Down Hundreds of Websites



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I Jedi

Nigeria has a police force?



I'm torn.  After all if your so greedy as to fall for this kind of crap then you kind of deserve what you get.  But I'm still glad that they are doing something about these people.

Is that a real T-shirt?  Its hilarious.



This is great, but scamming is serious business over there.  I saw a video of a raid on an internet cafe to shut down some scammers, and like the whole freaking city turned out to throw rocks and crap at the police as they hustled the prisoners into the vans and drove off in haste.



We need away to report such e-mails in USA. They are such a waste of time and are bad for unsuspecting people. We should be able to right click on e-mail and report it to The FTC.



You can, just forward the spam to  Some email clients will even let you create rules to auto forward e-mail on pre defined conditions.


Some of their scams aren't the obvious "send me your bank information and you will receive $10,000,000"  I recently moved and several houses advertised for rent on craigslist were asking for the rent to be sent to Nigeria.  The address was an actual street in the town advertised. Never checked if the address had a residence at the location.  Might be a suprise for the real owners if it was.

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