Nielsen: Consoles Dominate Netflix, PCs Popular for Streaming Hulu



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The reason that Hulu is watched mostly on PC is because of the idiotic stance by the studios that it somehow makes a difference what type of display you should be allowed to watch their content on. It makes no sense to me why I can go on Hulu on my PC and watch the latest episode of 24 while I can't on my Roku hooked up to an LCD in my living room. This is the reason that I refuse to watch Hulu at all. If I can't DVR it I don't watch it until it comes out on Netflix. If at all. 



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Consoles Sucks!

PC Rocks!



for most of us here at MaximumPC (if not all of us), that's a given and factually true statement.



I'm guessing it's largely due to the fact that Netflix is supported on consoles and advertised as a feature? I wouldn't even know if I could stream anything else on my Wii without doing some research. I pay for Hulu Plus so I can watch stuff on my TV. It's better than sitting at a computer and I don't always have my PC on, especially early in the morning. For those that don't really care; why pay for something that is free to begin with? How much of Hulu's content is exclusive to Hulu Plus?



I watch a balanced mix of past tv season and movies. I love watching past tv seasons on netflix, which i watch on my ps3.

I watch hulu only for tv, and almost only on my computer. BECUASE hulu wont let me watch most new episodes on my ps3, says computer only.

I can understand why, but this article fails to mention this.


Joe The Plummer

First let's address the viewing source.

What this tells me is that Hulu is not converting too many people to Hulu Plus. The reason Netflix users overwhelmingly use consoles is because they can. You can only stream Hulu on a console if you subscribe to Hulu Plus. The vast majority of Hulu viewers are not paying so they can't stream on a console, that's why the majority view it on a PC.

Also no surprise that the majority of Hulu users view TV shows while Netflix viewers watch movies. It's the nature of what's available on each service. Hulu sprang to prominence because of TV SHOWS and Netflix because of MOVIES!

You didn't need to spend time and money on this study to know this!

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