NFL Running Back Claims He Received Death Threats on Twitter



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"Fair enough, but does anyone else miss the days when sports news was ruled by highlight reels, upsets, and even the occasional non-Twitter related controversy?"

Sports radio, sports news, sports headlines have really gone down the tubes over the last 10 to 15 years; not sure why that is but it's definitely clear to me that Sports Media has turned into something more akin to watching "The View" these days and it's borderline disgusting.  The manly years are long gone...just listen to KNBR in the morning.  It flames pink dresses and pussycats...I kid you not.  And that's just one example, so this Twitter **** doesn't surprise me in the least.




while he shouldnt receive threats, he is a dumbass for running his mouth about cutler before he knew what was going on.  and this is coming from a chargers fan!



Then as a Cahrgers fan, you would be on the side of everyone who said Cutler should have played, as your QB Rivers played with a torn ligament in his knee several years ago in the playoffs. Just saying.



The world would be a much better place if people learned how to just. . .shut up.



Does anyone really care about Twitter?  I mean really, don't you have a life. If not get one!



I have a life. I have 8. And I'm 3 gold coins away from a 9th!

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