NFL Mulls Putting Microchips in Footballs



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But there is no way to tell if the back was down before it crossed the goal line or if he even had posession of the ball when it did. In which case you just go back to the old system anyway.



Doesn't anyone else like the suspense as the ref's try to pull 300 pound guys off the pile to see where the ball and the ball carrier is? I remember playing football in high school. The things that went on underneath the big dog piles are not allowed to be repeated in children friendly environments. It was pure madness down there. This adds quite an element to the game and it's 5 seconds of pure adrenaline when watching all the bodies fighting for that inch of space to win the game. Keep it how it is. Let them duke it out underneath the pile of bodies.



The NFL only brings in about 6 or 7 billion dollars a year, why not re-invest some of that money into getting the plays right. RFID the entire field building a 3D cube, put sensors on the players, and track in real-time all the players and the balls location the entire game. Not only will this allow for a more precise instant replay, for us at home and those on the field, but make for a great tool in the locker room for coaches. This would be infinitely better if the RFID and cameras can be synced to provide exact location of ball and player in relation to the field. But what do I know, I'm a Patriots fan.



Next up, robot referees.  How will people respond when technology makes a mistake?  Error!  Error!  Granted it would happen less often but when it does, watch out.


Keith E. Whisman

Open the stadium bay doors HAL. HAL, open the stadium bay doors........ Ha ha... Nah that could never happen... 


HAL 9000, the next step in foot ball technology.



not to be a dinosaur but i disagree with this. the challenge/review is enough. 



You may want to fix:

"The running back gets the ball and dives over the linesmen where . . ." 

Linesmen in football are officials . . . I believe you wanted 'linemen' there.   I was wondering why in the world the officals would be trying to tackle the ball carrier . . . :)


But yes, I think as long as the league takes the same approach as they have with replay, then this technology would be a great addition to the game.


Keith E. Whisman

Yes, whole heartedly. The NFL has needed this technology since the start. This technology may have helped Arizona win the SuperBowl in 2009. As a matter of fact, puting chips in player shoes and gloves would also help. So being able to map out where a players feet and hands are in relation to the ball and the field would be very awesome tools for referees in a game.

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