Nexus Specs Leak Out, Device To Be Called Galaxy Nexus



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Supposedly they have a credible inside source at Google that pretty much lays this entire release as false info.

Update: A new batch of rumored specs have surfaced over on GSM Arena, and these seem to be more in line with what we'd expect of a new Nexus. According to an anonymous Google employee, that 4.65-inch Super AMOLED HD display mentioned above is just about the only spec to make the final cut. The processor, however, is more likely to be a dual-core 1.5GHz Exynos (that's right) with an accompanying dual-core PowerVR SGX543MP2 graphics chip. That rear facing camera? Try 8 megapixels with a newly beefed up sensor. The handset should also ship with a girthy 2,050mAh battery fully capable of juicing this apparent LTE / CDMA / GSM Android monster.



I just have 3 questions:


1. When is it coming out?

2. How much will it cost (even unlocked)?

3. Give it to me!


I can't wait to see this in action. I'm going to stick with my Samsung Galaxy S (rooted) until I can get my hands on an unlocked version of this!



Even though it is currently locked here in the US. Like may other phones, there will be an unlocked version for GSM. Though question is how much will the phone cost (being unlocked smartphones these days are about 600-900. 



5MP and 1.3MP cameras are iffy... Considering other competing phones in the US, and the other tech in the world (which is far ahead of the US), I'd have thought that it'd be 8MP minimum for the back-facing, at least. And no screen specs either. What res and size is the screen going to be?



Yes because the higher MP number ALWAYS means better cell phone camera right? 

So that means that the 5MP cam on my XOOM that takes better, clearer photos obviously isnt as good as the 8MP cam on my old DROID X right? Hmm good to know! 





Vendor lockin is never impressive. 



Now we now why verizon isn't carrying the galaxy s II



Sounds good. Hopefully its a exynos and I wonder what its battery life will be like. I will be watching this!



This is the first Droid phone that looks like it is worth waiting in line for.



Android phone.


"Droid" is a branding.

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