The Nexus S Is Real, and There Are Pictures



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Ive just not been impressed with samsung at all lately either. Their phones lack any design and look like any other phone out there right now. My girlfriend has a samsung phone (i forget which model it is, the rogue maybe?) and it sucks. We've sent it in for repairs and its already starting to act up again. Another friend of mine had a problem with his samsung as well. I would have much rather seen Motorola make this next Galaxy phone with an 8mp camera, an HDMI output, and a dual core processor, be it a Qualcomm or Tegra.

In the words of Strongbad, the S is for Sucks.



Maybe this time Samsung is in it to win it.  If this is pretty much identical to Galaxy S... then I feel much more comfortable picking up a Sammy phone with the Hummingbird/Super Amoled setup.  Looks like it will be a good / support hardware model going forward.



Meh. Samsung hasn't been blowing my hair back lately. HTC would have been a better pick. Also, the original Nexus (One) was pretty much top-of-the-line when it came out. It would have been nice to see the line continue that philosophy, maybe holding out for one of those dual core Qualcomms. The 5 MP camera fails to impress aswell. Also, it looks like a huge, glossy fingerprint magnet. I don't see why companies keep making glossy shit.

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