Nexus One Sales Off to a Slow Start



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I own an iPhone first gen and i love it. But im getting so sick of the iPhone OS. I need a change. So i wanna try Android, i think is more fun and open than the iPhone and makes me want a Google Nexus One but i can't have one because i don't live in the US. I don't know if that move is a good idea or im going to get disappointed with the Android but my geek-o-meter says get a nexus!



Why would you possibly want it on AT&T? First of all, T-Mobile has much better coverage than AT&T in my experience and since they started rolling out HSDPA in big cities, the 3G is really fast. AT&T is notorious for dropping the most calls, having the most bogged down network [thanks iPhone...] and really spotty 3G coverage. Second of all Verizon has the best network in the country. Hands down. Ask Cnet, Gizmodo, the Consumerist, Engadget, anybody. Verizon is the network you want.



AT&T is fine in my area, and has always been fine in my experience. T-Mobile might be fine where I am, but I'm not paying an extra $10/mo. over AT&T for the basic 3G + voice service just to find out.

Verizon? I guess you don't travel much. CDMA networks are few and far between worldwide. I need a phone that actually works abroad (GSM). IF the Verizon Nexus One can handle both CDMA & GSM quad-band (unlikely), I'll consider it.



I'd own one now if it were available on AT&T. T-mobile's coverage is weak, and there's no way in hell I'm buying a CDMA phone (i.e., Verizon) in 2010.

Since I absolutely refuse to touch the iPhone, I'll have to wait until more GSM Android devices are available before getting rid of my old flip phone.



This article, like many others concerning sales of the Nexus One is misinformed and completely misleading. Yes, the Nexus One has not sold as many phones as others in it's class. That wasn't the point. This phones was launched as a phone for developers, enthusiasts, and as a pilot phone for the Google Phone Store. It was never intended to be a mass market device. At least not at launch. They have sold more Nexus Ones than they expected. Erick Tseng talked about this in depth on the latest Engadget Show.

Most importantly, what I think reporters are completely ignoring is the fact that Google put 0 advertising dollars behind the Nexus One. They only advertise on their own sites. It was on the Google homepage for less than a week and there are a couple ads on youtube. That is it. Apple put $200 Million in advertising behind the iPhone on TV, newspapers, and online. Verizon spent an estimated $100 Per Droid in advertising at launch.

I completely agree that the Nexus One is not a perfect phone, and like any other it was not free of problems at launch. But please stop comparing the sales numbers because they are completely irrelevant.



The phone is only currently available for T-Mobile.  Don't you think sales would have been higher if it'd been on Verizon, AT&T, or even Sprint?  This phone just doesn't justify switching carriers.



I have the nexus one, and I enjoy it. It being my first touch screen ever, I dont noticed what other people have complained about. There new update enables multi touch screen, and who needs 300,000 apps? android apps work just as good as iphone's.

 I think people are just use to the iphone. Thats all you hear on tv now and days...iphone apps. Android has never anything about android's. Marketing for nexus one and other android phones compares nothing to the iphone marketing.


I have little to complaints about the nexus one, they could improve sound for ringing and messaging, i have missed many calls and messges due to the low volume of the speakers. Thats about it.


Its going to be hard to beat the iphone, its been out longer, and had little to no competition for a long time



It only sold 80,000 units for a reason. Availability in one country natively and only a few bands supported. If i were to buy one it wouldn't work properly where I live due to the bands available on the phone.

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