Nexus One Sales Lagging, Says Analytics Firm



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nsk chaos

meh im not minding. hopefully this will lower the price [of the nexus one] when i go buy one! ^.^



T-Mobile's Myouch? Haven't heard of it.



It was introduced with T-Mobile, the smallest of the big 4 carriers in the US. What do you expect. Once it gets on Verizon it will do much MUCH better. Everyone that would want an iphone on verizon will get the Nexus one as the alternative. I am on sprint and I know that as soon as I hear that it works on sprint, I too will be getting one.



And another reason on top of that is that they only made them available in the US. Anyone who doesn't have an Android (and wants one) and wasn't waiting for the Nexus or "Something Better" after each release already has their phone, and a good deal of em are bound in contracts with their phones.



with the 3G signal reception problems, is anyone surprised people aren't snapping them up? I, for one, am tired of unfinished products hitting the market.

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