Nexus 7 Tablet Pre-Orders Shipping Now



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I ordered mine from Play on the 7th. I got my shipping confirmation on Friday, 13th around 4-5 pm Mountainview time. UPS tracking is still showing nothing. I'm a bit ticked. I don't think I've ever hit UPS's site as much as I have the last few days.

6:30 am Monday.
UPS gives me little hope "A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status--including the scheduled delivery date--will be updated."

Label created 7/10/12 <- WTF!



same thing here but my label was created on the 9th. it took 7 days for UPS to acknowledge it was there and it finally updated and will be here tomorrow by end of business



I got an email that mine had shipped on Friday. I ordered from Google, but the tracking number still isn't popping up in UPS.

I'm a total Apple fanboy, but I'm interested in trying out Jelly Bean on the Nexus 7. With a $200 tablet, Google's reaching out to those who can't afford an iPad. If it'll be a success or not -- we'll have to see.



ahh gotta love the apple elitism. i would have guessed it even if you hadn't said it due to your comment stating people can't afford ipads. please don't assume that everyone except you fanatics is poor. that is very funny as with just my checking account alone, i could buy 25 of the $829 ishits. people don't always want to pay top dollar for sub-par items. for example, i just ordered an nvidia gtx 670 instead of the gtx 680 due to the 1-3 fps "gain" from a $100 increase in price. it's just not worth it

the summary of apple products: price = roles royce
looks = dodge viper
performance = 3 cylinder geo metro



i ordered mine on june 30th. it finally shipped friday. i had to pay $14 for 2 day shipping so i better get it by tuesday. i read and seen pictures that a few retailers had theirs already but google emailed them and said to "delay" them. the reason was because stores had them in stock whereas people that pre-ordered them through google, had yet to even ship. this will be our first "smart" device. hopefully it turns out well and i'll order another 10 inch model once released

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