Next Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Dated



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I'm shocked they announced a release date for it.. the beta hasn't even been going on that long and there are a lot of things that could/should be addresses.


Overall I don't mind the layout, but there are a ridiculous amount of ads and ad-space on every screen. They need to tone that crap down and get back to the real purpose of xbox and xbox live... gaming.

In all honesty, I love the new Kinect features. Makes me actually use the Kinect. So easy to search with Bing. Xbox Bing Gears of War 3  Boom! all gears of war 3 stuff, dlc, ad ons, trailers, etc. Kinect over all makes browsing around the new UI a lot faster.



Kinda over this whole windows8/wp look that microsoft has going on....

I guess its ok for the XBox360 because it will make the navigation with a controller slightly easier, but using it on a PC..... I see it being more of an annoyance than anything





Does it still play games from DVD? Yes? Good, because that's all I use it for.




acidic, are you in the beta/preview program? 


I at first did not think I'd like the metro ui, but after using it for the last couple of weeks I think it is immensly better than the "current" one (with a few exceptions).  While the metro UI, at first look, doesn't seem useful, it actually is very good.

For the new dashboard, it's nice that you have a dedicated "Apps" section (no having to go and search for the app).  Also, there is a lot less "side scrolling" in the new dashboard (my biggest pet peave with the current one).  I would always be holding the left stick to the right to find something.

To be honest with you, after using it on my 360 and liking it a lot, I went out and bought a WP7 (I was using a motorola electrify).




the new dashboard is TERRIBLE. i really hate it. this whole "metro ui" is just gay. if i wanted my xbox to look like a w7 phone, i think id just buy a phone. plus the 512mb cloud storage is just pathetic

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