Next Microsoft Office Will Have Browser-Based Word, Excel, and PowerPoint



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google is free and non ad based




What this will bring is the ability to successfully share docs in all places. Can't tell you how many times I made a doc with excel just to find it won't open on someone else's machine because they have an earlier version that doesn't support something I used.

Still, If Office maintains it's "new" look that it implemented in the last release, I'll probably go full time with Open office. It's ready now, and has all the advanced features I need.


"There's no time like the future."



can somebody tell me exactly how the hell this is usefull to any of us? i mean dont have to alt tab to search the net......but really....unless im missing something here


Peanut Fox

Well, you don't gain any functionality at all, in fact you lose it. But you do gain the ability to access and share your documents across the web without having to have acess to a spacific server or pc unto which the documents are stored on. It also gives Microsoft the abilty to share or allow access to these applications to someone using an ultra low end computer like a smart phone.



oh well that does make sense. thank you. but that does make it alil less secure wouldnt you say?



Yes, but don't worry. Google and Microsoft will secure your documents for you. Nothing to worry about...har har. If I ran a corporate IT shop, I wouldn't touch this with a 10 ft. pole.


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