Next Dragon Age DLC Pack Coming “This Holiday Season”



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Wow. The new Dragon Age seems awesome. Too bad that I can't play it, because I won't be at home on the release date. In my next holiday season I'll go with my husband in a Hawaii hotels honeymoon. I can't wait to come back and make some DPS.



I wish the pay-for-DLC phenomenon had left PC gaming alone.  This little trickle of content that you'll have to pay for as part of the "Bioware community" (whatever that is) is my big negative with the game.  What about just producing a proper expansion and charge for it one time, for $20?  Then there's the nagging suspicion that the DLC was content they weren't able to finish in time because it was buggy, etc. and so now they're trying to make more money off their mistakes.  And really, how much should we pay for a quest in Ostragar, which is an old set of maps that they just repopulated with monsters?  I won't be buying the DLC until they bundle it all together as one expansion and offer it at a reasonable price.



I love this game. :)

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